“Media Ecology” wins 2018 Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book

Media Ecology. An Approach to Understanding the Human Condition by Dr. Lance Strate has won the 2018 Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book in the Field of Media Ecology. The award was announced at the 19th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association, held June 21-24, 2018 at the University of Maine, USA. Named for the Canadian media studies and communications theorist, the Marshall McLuhan Award has been given annually since 2000 by the Media Ecology Association (MEA). Past recipients include Douglas Rushkoff and Neil Postman.

In Media Ecology, Dr. Strate provides a long-awaited introduction to media ecology that serves both readers who are new to the subject and those who enjoy a great deal of familiarity with it. It presents a clear explanation of an intellectual tradition concerned with much more than understanding media, but rather with understanding the conditions that shape us as human beings, drive human history, and determine the prospects for our survial as a species, The book was published by Peter Lang in 2017 in its Understanding Media Ecology series.